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Vulcan Information Packaging


Product Development

Need help customizing your binder, marketing kit, or other packaging? Browse through our product design options. Or just send us the item you want to package and let us design a solution to meet your unique requirements. If you can imagine it, (VIP/ATC) can create it.

  • Design and Engineering

  • Our design and engineering team frequently receives requests to create an innovative solution for a unique product. The right packaging showcases your product to its best, especially if it’s as striking as the following samples.
    "Design a package to hold these bottles. We want the package to look rounded like the bottles. And, by the way, we’d like to use the packaging as an easel presentation."

    "Create a package for these bags of hanging beads. We need a neat, orderly sales presentation to customers."

    "We need to package these glass samples in something very durable that we can carry with us to sales calls."

    "Design a series of packages to display sets of stone tiles, all contained within one packaging solution."
  • Printing and Decorating Methods

  • When selecting the right combination of decoration and product, you should consider lead time, quantity, type of material, type of product, colors, and graphics. Browse through these examples of decorating options for ideas.

    Screen Printing – Spot and Process Color

    A versatile printing method used on everything from T-shirts to surfboards, the screen printing process can apply opaque inks onto many different types of substrates. This makes it more effective on color materials than offset/litho printing. Our in-house mixing specialists can create colors that suit your specific projects. (VIP/ATC) also offers PMS-matched colors to meet your particular image needs.

    3 spot color screen print
    4 color process screen print

    Offset/Litho Printing

    High-quality offset/litho printing is applied directly onto white vinyl before a clear coat is applied for protection. Though applied to a white substrate, any color or graphic background can be created during the printing process. This method of printing is also used for film-laminated casemade wrapped binders.

    4 color process offset/litho on vinyl

    Foil Stamp

    Stamping foil with a copper or brass die can add a touch of elegance to your presentation packaging. Using heat and pressure, our three Kensol Hot Stamping presses apply foil to your products. Available in a rainbow of colors, the foil stamp process suits a wide range of cover materials.

    Gold foil stamp
    2 color purple and silver foil stamp

    Blind Deboss

    Blind debossing, sometimes called “blind stamping,” uses a custom copper or brass die to press an image or logo into the cover material without foil or additional material. The result is an understated look rich in texture. To produce this look on vinyl products, we apply radio frequency in addition to heat and pressure.

    Blind Deboss


    Combine foil stamp and deboss to create a textured feel with eye-catching color.

    Gold foil stamp/deboss
    2 color foil stamp/deboss
    Gold foil stamp/deboss


    Appliqué represents the ultimate in customization. A process of reproducing artwork onto vinyl, this application transfers the work of your artists directly onto your binders. A special die in the shape of your artwork is created to both cut and seal the images. Using this die, a piece of vinyl is heat-sealed onto a base vinyl. The die seals the shape of the artwork onto the base vinyl before the excess surrounding vinyl is removed, leaving only the shape of your artwork.

    2 color appliqué
    2 color appliqué
    Metal appliqué/plaque


    Multiple decorating techniques, cover options, coatings, colors, and finishing accents can be combined to deliver a unique and attractive product. Work with the creative team at (VIP/ATC) to determine what applications best fit your project.

    3 color screen print with deboss
    Appliqué plus 1 color screen print
    Dome appliqué plus 2 color screen print
    Blind deboss plus 1 color screen print and 1 color foil stamp
    Blind deboss plus 3 color screen print
    Dome appliqué on special “bump” textured material
    Gold foil stamp/deboss plus blind deboss
    Casemade litho printed wrap plus blind deboss
    Embroidered casemade binder
    4 color screen print appliqué on vinyl
    Litho printed entrapment plus screen print and appliqué
    2 color screen print plus blind deboss on heat-sealable foam padding
    2 color foil stamp on translucent poly; special die cut and 4 color litho-printed wrap; die cut finger-hole on spine
    1 color screen print white plus stamp and deboss gold foil
    Screen-print appliqué on textured vinyl
    Vinyl litho print appliqué on textured vinyl
    Combination screen print with double appliqué
    Screen print and appliqué on frosty vinyl with translucent board
    1 color clear varnish screen print plus beige appliqué
    Screen-print and deboss
  • Material Options

  • Customers can choose from a wide variety of vinyl, poly, canvas and leather style materials. We offer you two main categories of materials. Heat sealable vinyl or casemade for turned edge and sewn products. A representative can help you choose the right material for your application. You can also contact your sales representative for samples. This section gives you a quick overall view of material options. There are many more custom choices available that are not shown here.

    • Stock Available Vinyl and Poly

    • Vinyl materials are made out of vinyl or have a vinyl coating that react to heat and radio frequency waves that we use in the heat seal process.

      Frosty Clear Vinyl
      Orange Peel Clear Vinyl
      Polished Clear Vinyl
      Black Poly (23 gauge)
      Blue Poly (35 gauge)
      Natural Poly (55 gauge)
      Red Poly (23 gauge)
      White Poly (35 gauge)
      Suede Light Gray Vinyl
      Suede Mint Green Vinyl
      Suede Silver Vinyl
      Suede Hawaiian Blue Vinyl
      Suede Metallic Gray Vinyl
      Suede Cherry Red Vinyl
      Suede Navy Vinyl
      Suede Azure Blue Vinyl
      Suede Blue Vinyl
      Suede Red Vinyl
      French Calf Navy Vinyl
      Suede Ivory Vinyl
      Suede French Calf Black Vinyl
      Suede Black Vinyl
      Spanish Crush Black Vinyl
      Suede White Vinyl (16 gauge)
      French Calf White Vinyl
      Suede White Vinyl
      French Calf Lemon Yellow
      Suede Bone Vinyl
      Suede Burgundy Vinyl
      Suede Warm White Vinyl
      Castillian Black Vinyl
      Castillian Burgundy Vinyl
      Castillian Navy Vinyl
      Castillian Green Vinyl
      Montana Dark Blue Vinyl
    • Specialty Vinyl

    • Specialty vinyl offers a unique, textured look for your promotional packaging. Note: these special-order materials require longer turnaround time and vary in price.

      Supported Vinyl
      Supported Vinyl
      Textured Vinyls
    • Casemade Materials

    • Casemade materials are primarily used for turned-edge products. However, casemade materials can be vinyl coated to allow for heat-sealed pockets and other applications.

      Permalin 1
      Permalin 2
      Roxite 2
      Skivertex 1
      Skivertex 2
      Skivertex 3
  • Casemade Binder Options

  • Casemade Spine Hinge Options

    Choose from our four basic casemade binder spine hinges, or we can create a custom designed hinge to meet your needs.

    Standard flatback routed: a traditional spine with sharper edged hinges
    Flatback eurohinge: similar to standard flatback but with a scored hinge that produces a softer edged hinge
    Flatback euro-4: a cross between the roundback and flatback with scores on each side of spine
    Roundback eurohinge: a more contemporary, modern style spine popular with marketing firms, advertising agencies, and designers

    Casemade Binder Construction Options

    There are four primary types of casemade binder construction.

    3-Piece: Three pieces of board are glued onto fabric to form a binder. This option is used when the binder to too large for our automated equipment or the binder will have canvas reinforcement.

    Routed: This binder is constructed with one long piece of board that has been grooved. Routed hinge binders are very durable due to the fact that board is left in the hinge area.

    Unitized: This binder construction is used to make padded binders run on our automated equipment. Three boards are bound together with a paper cover. This type of board is costly and has a longer lead time.

    European hinge: This binder is constructed with one solid board. Our hinge machine compresses the binder with a 2-piece die. No board is removed in this process, making this a very durable binder.

  • Vinyl Pockets, Label Holders, and Business Card Holders

  • These line drawings show options for pockets, label holders, and business card holders for vinyl binders. Self-adhesive pockets, label holders, and business card holders are available for casemade binders.

    Vinyl Pockets - Clear or Opaque

    Standard vertical pocket: sealed three sides
    Diagonal pocket: sealed two sides
    Full horizontal pocket: sealed three sides
    Standard horizontal pocket: sealed three sides
    Full vertical pocket: sealed three sides
    R-style pocket: sealed two sides and pre-welded

    Label Holders and Business Card Holders

    Label holder sealed into hinges
    Label holder on spine
    Card holder sealed two sides
    Label holder/card holder sealed three sides
    Double business card holder
    CD holder
  • Ring Metal Options

  • Not sure about the type of ring you need? Browse through this section or give us a call—we’ll be glad to discuss your needs and find the right metal for you.

    Here’s a sampling of various types of metal rings for you to browse.

    Standard Round Ring
    Standard Straight D Ring
    Standard Angle D Ring
    Custom Gold and Silver Finish
    Custom Paint Finish
    Custom Paint Finish
    Multiple Rings
    Post Metals
    Post Metals
    Special Memo Locking
    Loose Rings and Screw Posts
    Loose Rings and Screw Posts
  • Ring Metal Capacity

  • Capacity is the maximum thickness of all the material loaded into a binder. In the diagrams, capacity is measured between the arrows.

    Sheet Size is the dimension of the material to be inserted into a binder. NOTE: The height of the paper along the binding edge is always the first dimension given (example: If you insert 8-1/2” x 11” paper into your binder, you will use an 11” x 9” binder. The 11” measurement of your paper has the 3-hole drill so that dimension is first).


    NOTE: Boosters are the triggers on the end of a ring metal that help you open the rings. Many mechanisms are available with locking triggers as well.

    • ROUND RING (3-ring metal):
    • Standard Capacities: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”
    • Standard Sheet Size: 11x8-1/2” + 1/2” tab allowance
    • General Info: Round 3-ring metals can be mounted in the binders with the rivets showing through, showing the spine or back cover, or mounted with concealed rivets. Also, round 3-ring metals can be ordered with or without an opening and closing booster.
    • Measurements: When measuring ring metal capacity, measure area shown by arrow.
    • ANGLE D RING (3-ring metal):
    • Standard Capacities: 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”, 4”
    • Standard Sheet Size: 11x8-1/2” + 1/2” tab allowance
    • General Info: Angle D ring metals are the same as the straight D ring, with the exception of an angled post. This style helps to keep the contents flat and smooth and, if tabs are used, they tend to show up better with angle D metals.
    • Measurements: When measuring ring metal capacity, measure area shown by arrow but do not include any curved part of metal.
    • STRAIGHT D RING (3-ring metal):
    • Standard Capacities: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 2-1/2”, 3”
    • Standard Sheet Size: 11x8-1/2” + 1/2” tab allowance
    • General Info: Straight D ring metals are the same as the angle D ring, with the exception of a straight post.
    • Measurements: When measuring ring metal capacity, measure area shown by arrow.

    How Big Should My Binder Be?

    In the binder industry, we use the term capacity to describe the size of metal rings. To gauge how much material you will be inserting into your binder, count how many pages of paper you’ll use. Then refer to the chart(s) below to determine the capacity, or how big the metal rings needs to be.

    The figures below are approximate capacity ranges. Consider the addition of tabs and special inserts to your printed material as well as the ring metal style. It often helps to make up a “dummy” binder by inserting sheets of paper and other materials into a binder you have on hand, to see if it can handle the contents. Comfortably fit your material into the binder; allow room to turn the pages easily.

    Depending on how much capacity a binder has, the circular holes drilled or punched into the binding side of the paper will be different sizes. The punched out holes must be bigger as the capacity of your binder increases.


    Capacity13 lb
    (# sheets)
    16 lb
    (# sheets)
    20 lb
    (# sheets)
    24 lb
    (# sheets)
    1/2" 100-130 80-110 70-110 60-90
    3/4" 130-160 110-140 100-130 90-120
    1" 200-230 180-210 170-200 160-190
    1-1/2" 300-360 260-340 240-300 220-280
    2" 450-500 420-450 370-400 320-350
    3" 650-700 500-650 560-600 460-500


    Capacity24 lb
    (# sheets)
    28 lb
    (# sheets)
    32 lb
    (# sheets)
    36 lb
    (# sheets)
    1/2" 60-90 50-80 40-70 30-60
    3/4" 90-120 80-110 70-100 60-90
    1" 160-190 150-180 140-170 130-160
    1-1/2" 220-280 200-260 180-240 160-220
    2" 320-350 270-300 230-260 190-230
    3" 460-500 390-430 340-390 290-330


    Capacity40 lb
    (# sheets)
    50 lb
    (# sheets)
    60 lb
    (# sheets)
    70 lb
    (# sheets)
    80 lb
    (# sheets)
    100 lb
    (# sheets)
    1/2" 120-130 110-120 100-110 90-100 80-90 70-80
    3/4" 170-200 150-170 130-150 120-130 110-120 100-110
    1" 220-250 180-220 160-180 150-160 140-150 130-140
    1-1/2" 340-380 290-340 260-290 240-260 220-240 200-220
    2" 400-450 350-400 300-350 280-300 260-280 240-260
    3" 640-700 520-570 480-530 400-450 360-400 300-320