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Vulcan Information Packaging


Inside Sales Team (VIP/ATC) is a top manufacturer of custom binders, marketing kits, and promotional packaging in the United States.  No matter your location, we have a salesperson to assist you. Our inside sales team, located at our manufacturing plant, can assist you in finding custom and in-stock promotional packaging that meets your needs. Call 1-800-633-4526 and we’ll direct you to one of the on-site sales representatives listed below.

    • Daphne Garrett

      Daphne, a sales rep for 34 years, stresses the importance of responding to clients in a timely manner.

    • Donna Hall

      Donna serves a wide variety of industries including printers, brokers, and end users.

    • Rita Hassett

      Rita, who has been with the company for 30 years, says, “Our customers trust us to get their projects done right.”

    • Debra Hollis

      An employee since 1976, Debra frequently advises clients on customizing 4-color process casemade binders.

    • Sally Lofstrom

      A 28-year sales veteran, Sally notes, “We are capable of meeting almost any special request through our many vendor options.”

    • Rick Oliver

      “We stand behind our work,” says Rick, who specializes in the medical, wallcovering, and printing industries.

    • Laurel Pate

      Specializing in furniture, fabric, and wallpaper packaging projects, Laurel can help her clients design around any concept.

    • Fredia Wynn

      An employee for 34 years, Fredia is experienced in meeting the packaging needs of the medical, furniture, and financial industries.