The Virtually Indestructible Menu Cover

May 1, 2017

Have you ever been at a restaurant, sat down, gotten nice and comfy, only to be handed a menu that at the slightest touch makes your skin crawl? We have all been there: the soggy menu, the menu that is so stained with previous meals and spills of patrons long passed that it is hard to read the menu options. Do you as a restaurant owner wish you could sanitize your menus, in the same way that you sanitize patrons’ knives, forks and plates? Then, it is time to consider the “Virtually Indestructible Menu Cover”!

The name “Virtually Indestructible Menu Cover” might sound a little cheesy, but it definitely describes what this product is. Better known as a Polyethylene Menu Cover by those in the print industry, these “indestructible” menu covers are made of Polyethylene Plastic, which is not only completely waterproof, but an “earth-friendly” non-toxic plastic that is recyclable! Furthermore, Polyethylene is also easy to clean, sanitize, and even wash with soap and water. If you are a restaurant owner, waitress, or even just a patron, you understand how important these qualities are. People not only enjoy and popularize products that are earth-friendly, but they do not enjoy seeing or handling a menu that looks and feels like it is 100 years old and covered in bacteria! Polyethylene Menu Covers solve this by being stylish, clean, and giving a nice presentation of your food and of your restaurant.

However, Polyethylene Menu Covers have even more positive qualities to offer! They are tear resistant (holding up to the worst of customers) and best of all they can be printed with UV-Resistant Ink, either digitally, offset-printed, or screen printed. This means that not only do you have a variety of options to make your restaurant brand shine when compared to the menus of other brands, but your branding will continue looking good even after the wear and tear of thousands of hungry customers. Polyethylene is that durable! Still not convinced that a Polyethylene Menu Cover from is the right product for your brand and your restaurant? Another quality if this amazing product is that it has a strong resistance to cold-cracking and softening in the heat. Is your restaurant in Canada, serving patrons in the middle of the January snow? These menu covers can handle that! Serving up tacos in Baja in the middle of Summer? They can handle that, too! Polyethylene Menu Covers have and endless amount of great qualities to offer everyone. These are supplemented by Polyethylene’s ability to be constructed and printed in various custom sizes and thicknesses. No job is ever too large or too small with this product!

Yet, you’re probably wondering the answer to your number one question. What is this going to cost me, and what amount do I have to order? The good news is the Virtually Indestructible Menu Cover is not only cost-effective, but you can order this product in batches as low as 100 pieces. Own a quaint bed-and-breakfast that sees small amounts of visitors? Have a Michelin-Star Restaurant serving hundreds of people a day? Batches start off at 100, but the other great reason to purchase Polyethylene Menu Covers is there is an unlimited amount that can be printed! That’s right! If you need 10,000 to 100,000 Menu covers, can supply them! So, whether your restaurant is just now starting to cause a stir, your menus just need some updating, or your restaurant has been serving people for over 30 years, just remember that Polyethylene Binder Covers from are not only a great way to re-imagine and modernize your brand, but your menus will be looking great and new, even after the dinner rush 5 years from now!