Smart Packaging Ideas for Educational Materials

August 7, 2015

Keeping students on track isn’t easy. Whether your pupils consist of professionals or college students, packaging educational resources in a simple, easy-to-follow way is beneficial to learning. At (VIP/ATC), our sales representatives work with colleges, consultants, and businesses to design training manuals, handbooks, and other instructive guides that aid the academic process. Stay organized and prepared for your next seminar with our smart packaging ideas for educational materials.

Organizing Instructional Materials

Create an inexpensive follow-along guide for students with clear overlay binders. Insert your syllabus or agenda at the front of the binder to set clear expectations for the rest of the course. And use custom printed index tabs and binder inserts to keep materials organized by section, so attendees can quickly turn to the information you’re covering. To further engage students, place worksheets in sheet protectors and use as DIY dry-erase boards (see tutorial). Wipe off and reuse again to lower future printing costs. For groups that specialize in professional education, consider designing a custom binder or presentation folder that acts as an advertisement for your organization.  

Distributing Audiovisual Aids

Want lessons to stick with students long after they’ve left the class or conference room? Send them home with video or audio recordings of lectures or presentations to reinforce learning. A simple, cost-effective way to do this is with your smartphone. For audio recordings, place the phone on a nearby podium to best capture your voice. If your presentation includes graphics or slides, use a mountable tripod to film yourself and the stage. Download files to your computer and burn to a recordable CD or DVD. Then, securely place disks and other handouts in a custom corrugated casemade box to distribute or sell to attendees.

Storing Resources for Seminars

With stacks of paper, supplementary resources, textbooks, and manuals, teachers and presenters need solutions for staying organized and prepared for classes and seminars too. Store multiple files or textbooks in one location with custom totes and file boxes. If you move from classroom to classroom on a regular basis, consider attaching a handle (specify in special instructions on product page) to making transporting files and other resources easier. For classes that include multiple units, organize each unit’s materials in separate binders. Insert unit binders into the custom slipcase associated with the course to keep all resources together and distinguishable from other classes taught.

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