5 Must-Haves for Your Marketing Kit

July 21, 2015

Presentation matters. Prospects quickly decide—within a tenth of a second to be exact—whether your company is relevant, creative, or innovative enough for their business. And your promotional packaging informs that opinion. So where should you start? At Binders.com (VIP/ATC), our sales representatives work with you to design custom packaging that creates a strong first impression for your firm. Here’s our five must-haves for a marketing kit that drives sales and keeps your company at the forefront of customers’ minds.     

____ 1. Promotional Packaging

Marketing kits come in many forms. From stylish custom casemade boxes and binders to well-designed presentation folders, it’s important to choose the medium that works best for your business. Binders.com (VIP/ATC) offers a wide variety of design treatments, so you can select the right look-and-feel for your audience and industry. Plus, we consider functionality in our design. Simply add a magnetic, flap, or snap closure for an easy-to-access presentation. (For a full list of product options, see custom section).      

____ 2. Introductory Materials (i.e., sales letter, business card, and company brochure).

A complete marketing kit should include a sales letter, business card, and company brochure. Whether the client is familiar with your business or meeting with you for the first time, you should revise your sales letter to address their specific—and potentially changing—needs. What problems do your prospects often encounter? How can your company provide a better solution than competitors? If the prospect is unacquainted with your company, include a brochure that highlights your history, capabilities, and unique offerings. And of course, provide your contact information to clients with a custom business card that includes your phone number and email, mailing, and web addresses. 

____ 3. Description of Products or Services

Are clients familiar with all your products or services? Or just a few? Get them up-to-speed with a detailed menu of your offerings. This simple guide may result in additional sales from customers looking to streamline orders. If your company serves multiple industries, consider organizing this document to target their individual needs and interests. Keep descriptions short; a bulleted list of benefits and features, plus large, colorful images make the greatest impact. Place a process sheet in your sales kit to set clear expectations for customers, outlining everything from initial steps to finalizing their order.

____ 4. Testimonials/Case Studies

Boost your company’s credibility by adding testimonials and case studies to your media kit. In a time when 79 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, it’s important for businesses to leverage word-of-mouth marketing. Suspicious of “salesy” content, prospects seek feedback from peers and reputable brands to bolster their confidence in doing business with you. Case studies take this sales approach a step further, providing results-driven data that attests to the value of your products or services.

____ 5. Samples and Promotional Gifts

Introduce new or existing products to your clients with a casemade sample kit. Like testimonials and case studies, product samples are more effective than even the well-crafted sales pitch. In fact, the opportunity to interact with a product increases the likelihood of purchase, says the Opinion Research Corporation. Furthermore, customers develop a positive perception of companies that offer free samples and promotional products—a feeling that returns every time they use your branded giveaway. 

Start customizing your marketing kit with Binders.com (VIP/ATC). Request a quote or contact a sales representative today!