Building Your Brand: Your Logo and Custom Binders

March 6, 2017

Is your current logo representing you as a business? Do you possess Custom Binders or Packaging that shows who you are and what you do? If you cannot answer these questions with a yes, it is time to go back and reconsider your logo. A logo is the first visual representation of your business that prospective customers will see, so it’s always good to make sure it is depicting “you”.  That is why it is always important to have a logo that is both memorable and visually-striking when compared to the countless logos that are out being shown to people daily. Think back on your day and ask yourself what logos do you absolutely remember? Which business stood out in your mind through branding or some other visual cue? People are bombarded with thousands of logos as soon as they step out their door, and you want to be the one business they always remember!  Placing your logo on Custom-Made Binders is an attractive way to make your business stand out from the crowd!

What Message Do You Want to Convey?

However, even the most visually striking logos and branding must follow several principals to be truly effective. Even if a logo is gorgeous, that does not necessarily mean people will remember it or recognize it over and over. Branding must immediately send the message to the customer that your business is memorable and impossible to ignore. The first of these “logo-design principals” to follow is to have it formulate a clear and concise message. Displaying a single, well-created logo is going to be the first element that interests prospective customers in your business. You must also make sure that your “visual message” is displayed in the simplest way possible.

Simplicity is Key!

The simpler your logo, the easier it is for people to remember it and your business. A prime example is our very own logo. Our previous logo was busy and complex and our new logo is greatly simplified and the main icon is memorable. You may go out one day and see a logo that the business owners believe is their crowning achievement. It’s unparalleled in its beauty as a logo, and it looks great in color on a large sign, but when they use a black-and-white version on their business cards, it does not function. A single, non-complex logo that is easily-recognizable and easier to remember will always work in your favor. Confused about what constitutes a “great logo”? Great examples to look at are Nike’s Swoosh Logo, Apple’s “Apple”, and Twitter’s Tiny Bird Logo. These logos are simple, but they immediately let the consumer know everything about their brand and what they do as a business; this is without the use of words or any other unnecessary additions. If your logo functions in the way that these examples, you are on the right course as a business owner with your branding!

This is What We Do!

With all of this in mind, Custom Binders are a great product to help you on your journey as a business owner; but why stop there? Here at, we not only offer Custom-Made Binders, but other consistent products that get your brand in your audience’s hands, such as Custom Packaging, Boxes, and Marketing Kits! Knowing your brand is being beautifully represented on these products will make you want to give them to customers all the time (unlike generic printed products that will probably just sit and collect dust in some closet in your office).  Generic products are not memorable, and customers see them all the time. Your brand identity on the correct promotional package makes you seem confident and more appealing to your customers. This goes a long way in not only promoting your business, but gaining a consumer’s trust in what you do. Now, with your new custom products, you can feel secure in your brand, secure in your business base, and it all started with your decision to consider, purchase, and brand Custom Binders from!