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Vulcan Information Packaging


About Us

About brings together quality products and services from three award-winning manufacturers in the binder and custom packaging and box industry — Vulcan Information Packaging, NAPCO and American Thermoplastic Company. For you, this means greater selection, a broader range of capabilities and service, along with an improved online experience.

Clean, bright, and user-friendly, the new (VIP/ATC) site makes it easy to customize professional binders and marketing kits. Our wide variety of printing services allows us to brand your products at one location. But if you need an exceptional packaging solution in a hurry, browse our comprehensive supply of in-stock binders, boxes, folders, and more.

Even with our new web address, easier ordering process, and larger product selection, nothing changes about our exceptional customer service. You will continue doing business with the same sales representatives you’ve always trusted, with the same quality products and printing services still available to you.