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Our Green Team Recycling Program

ATC Green TeamIn an effort to help protect the environment, the majority of our products contain recycled material. We use the most durable materials available containing the highest recycled content. American Thermoplastic Company continues to work with our suppliers to provide you with quality products, at competitive prices, that contain recycled material. The recycled symbol appears on pages on this website when appropriate, and specific recycled content for various products is listed below.

The products in our GREEN TEAM line-up:
The vinyl used in most of our vinyl products contains a minimum of 10% post-industrial recycled material. The board used in the heat-sealed vinyl products is made from 100% recycled paperboard, with at least 90% post-consumer content. This same material is used in our Paperboard Binders.
Our polyethylene and polypropylene products contain a minimum of 20% post-industrial recycled material. We also stock Natural Poly in .023 and .035 gauges that contains 100% post-consumer recycled polyethylene.
All of our pressboard products contain at least 60% total recycled fiber with 30% post-consumer waste.
The ring mechanisms in our products contain up to 20% recycled material.
Our Linen Pocket Folders contain 30% post-consumer recycled paper fiber.

Our company is a member of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency's Green Power Partnership. Renewable resources account for a portion of our energy needs.

EPA Green Power PartnerThe GREEN TEAM is making efforts to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
Our company has an internal recycling program. We recycle over 95% of the scrap material from the manufacturing process. We also recycle corrugated cartons, office paper, beverage cans and plastic bottles. These materials can be used to make new products in the future, instead of ending up as trash.

Through our Environmentally Bound™ program, we recycle vinyl binders with metal rings that are returned to us. We reuse or recycle the various components of the binders. This reduces the amount of waste that goes into our nation's landfills. It also reduces the amount of material and energy required to make new products. Since the program began, over 200,000 pounds of loose-leaf binders have been recycled through Environmentally Bound™. Ask your customer service representative for more information about this worthwhile program.