Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16 Page 17 Page 18 Page 19 Page 20Presentation Totes & File Boxes Tote boxes, presentation boxes, magazine file boxes, maga- zine collectors, mailing boxes--customized with your logo and graphics. Vinyl, paper, corrugated board, textured materials—in all shapes, sizes and designs. Simple boxes, fancy boxes, odd- shaped boxes with space for sample swatches and binders— you name it, we can make it. Sample Swatch Binders When people think of binders, they immediately think of printed sheets and pages, but binders are now used for much more. Such as a way to show sample products and swatches. With ring binders, changing out and updating your samples and swatches are a snap. And they are easy for your client or customer to browse through. Padholders, Slipcases, Presentation Totes & File Boxes, Sample Swatch Binders CUSTOM PRODUCTS Visit our website at and click on the “Help” tab at the top of the page for all the design, prepress, and printing information you need for custom and standard product development. 10 USA MANUFACTURER (800) 633-4526