Why Presentation Matters to Your Company’s Success

January 14, 2016

It’s time to fess up. Judging the proverbial “book by its cover” is part of our everyday lives as consumers. We shop at “Store A” rather than “Store B” because of its lighting and décor; we buy one brand of toothpaste, soap, etc. over another because of its packaging. When thinking about your own business, no matter the industry, do you let that inner “voice of the consumer” speak when it comes to designing packaging and other presentation materials? Do you consider how your “brand image” influences your clients’ decision to choose you over the competition? If not, you should. Presentation matters to the success of your business, and here’s why:

1)      First Impression. It takes less than a second to form a first impression about a person or product—before you even say a word, before your product leaves the shelf. Since you only get one first impression, your presentation should make a strong, positive impact. With an estate planning binder, available online from Binders.com (VIP/ATC), you can easily make a lasting impression to your financial planning, retirement or legal clients with organized professional materials. Additionally, using marketing kits can help your business design packaging that appeals to your specific audience. Generally, the more “work” your packaging does, the less work you do in selling to your client.

2)      “Buyer” Experience. We’re all in sales. When presenting to potential customers, it’s important to understand your products or services thoroughly, to highlight your unique sales proposition, and to address costs. However, the difference between closing a sale and permanently losing new business often depends on the buyer experience. Presenting information in a neat, organized, and professional way makes it easier for clients to digest information. Using custom boxes or presentation folders shows confidence in your materials, and ultimately gives your buyer confidence in you.

3)      Competitive Advantage. How do customers view your business? How about the competition? No matter who your audience is or what you’re presenting, materials with a unique, eye-catching appearance beat out dull, average-looking items every time. With growing competition in every industry, going above and beyond matters to your success.

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