A Simple Guide to Creating Powerful Presentation Materials

October 6, 2015

If you’re in business, academia, government, or an NGO, chances are over the course of your professional life you’ve been tapped to make a presentation. Whether delivered to five or 500 people, if you want your presentation to be successful, it must communicate your goals in compelling and memorable ways. Your presentation must be a blend of on-point, simple messaging, confident oral delivery, and complimentary media (print or digital) that is informative and usable by your audience after the presentation is over.

Strong Presentation Materials Compliment Your Personal Delivery

Your efforts to connect with audience members shouldn’t end with the final slides of your speech. Customize presentation materials that reflect your unique personality (as a brand or as an individual), and standout amidst the boring stack of papers that flood attendees’ desks. A simple clear overlay binder is the perfect blank canvas for providing well-organized educational materials to presentation attendees, as well as branding for you. A presentation binder imprinted with your company or organization’s logo offers an outstanding way to leave a lasting impression.     

Cover to Cover, Your Presentation Binders Must Connect You to Your Audience

Selecting a binder style starts with considering your audience. And the cover speaks volumes as to whether you truly understand your target group. For instance, custom acrylic and metal binders are perfect for audiences that include engineers or manufacturing professionals who appreciate a durable and industrial, yet high-end look. Eco-friendly binders package your materials in a way that resonates with audiences who care about the environment and sustainability of our planet. And leather binders communicate the professionalism and refinement that lawyers, accountants, and top executives will expect from you and your presentation.

Post Event: Are Your Presentation Binders Giving Your Brand A Long Shelf Life?

Your presentation, seminar, or training session is over and your audience files out of the meeting room with your presentation binder in their new conference bag. So will your takeaway materials end up gathering dust in the corner of an office, or will they become reference guide—used and used again, each time reinforcing your brand and the value received from attending your presentation?

If your content is engaging and organized, the takeaway knowledge your audiences receive will benefit them time and time again. Using a binder, tabs, and folder set gives you the flexibility to present your content effectively, making your subject matter easily accessible to readers. 

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