Is Your Marketing Kit a Deal Closer?

December 16, 2014

You spend a great deal of time prospecting for new customers and perfecting your sales pitch for those all-important sales calls. But do you put the same attention and level of detail into your marketing kit

In today’s fast-paced business world, presentation is everything. Most people don’t have the time or patience to wait for complicated staging by sales reps. No matter what you’re selling, you need a quick, easy presentation that catches the buyer’s eye.

Attention-grabbing marketing kits are much more effective than ho-hum presentation folders. The customization possibilities are endless—choose from binders, binders with slipcases, tote boxes, preformed sample cases, easel binders, and more. Decorating options include screen printing, offset printing, foil stamping, and debossing. Your kit can feature DVDs, CDs, audio tapes, printed material, and even promotional gifts.

Marketing kits should enhance your sales presentation and boost your sales. A custom marketing kit will arm your sales force with materials that reflect the character of your business and the quality of your products and services.

Order Options

Marketing kits are crafted with a variety of methods depending on the design style and materials. The following considerations can affect both construction and decoration.

  • Quantity—How many kits do you plan to order? This is perhaps the most important consideration. For example, small quantities may be more economical to print on digital equipment as compared to traditional offset presses. 
  • Due dates—What’s the drop-dead shipment deadline? For instance, digital printing is better for shorter deadlines compared to offset litho printing. 
  • Colors—The number of colors you want determines the available decorating options. 
  • Foil stamping and debossing—Avoid artwork with small fonts or types, which can cause plugging with these decorative options. Extra time may be needed to make dies. Also, with foil, bleeds are possible only with casemade turned-edge products. 
  • Accessories such as handles—Kits with handles are easy to carry and conveniently display your product. Binders quickly open to reveal samples, briefcases easily turn into display easels, and standing kits become the back drop for the sell. 

Specialty Sample Kits

A personalized product kit attractively holds and displays your samples—keeping them ready to show at a moment’s notice. If your product requires unique packaging, our design and engineering team can create a marketing kit that ideally suits your business. For example, a cosmetic company might want a marketing kit that converts into a mini vanity for in-store demonstrations. At, we’ve designed custom sample kits to hold everything from shampoo bottles and perfume to fabric, wood, and tile swatches.

Send us your specifications or material samples and our in-house experts will create a distinctive packaging solution for you. For more information, request a quote or contact a sales rep at 800.633.4526.