How to Prepare for a Lucrative Product Launch

September 14, 2015

In today’s highly competitive market, the launch of a new product can take one of two directions—it either quickly ignites interest and soars to popularity or plummets to the clearance rack, never to be seen again. Numerous factors determine the success of your company’s latest offering, including a product launch plan that encompasses positioning, packaging, strong messaging, and more. At (VIP/ATC), our sales representatives work with you to create promotional packaging that expresses your product’s unique benefits. Prepare for your upcoming product launch with tips and tricks that will make your debut a lucrative one. 

Be Clear in Your Positioning and Sales Proposition

Why should consumers purchase your product? Who constitutes your target audience? And what separates your offering from the competitions’? Answer these essential questions, and your product will be on its way to profitability. Strong, clear positioning establishes the value of your offering to consumers and builds their need/desire for it. Give them a compelling reason to purchase, plus relevant facts and figures (cost, effectiveness, and other important factors) that contribute to the product’s desirability. For greater success, segment your target audience into distinct groups and tailor unique messages that appeal to their interests and needs. 

Compose a Memorable Slogan

Sum up in your product in just a few words. Does it grab your attention and encourage you to learn more? If not, start drafting. Writing a strong, catchy slogan requires hours of brainstorming—and even the best ad copy writers need ample time to find the right “ring.” Simple, easy-to-read slogans yield better results, allowing potential customers to quickly digest information and form an impression of your brand and product. Use language that’s familiar to your audience, limiting the number of large, confusing words from your copy. Creativity is impressive if used correctly, but don’t lose sight of your slogan’s purpose—to create awareness for your product and distinguish it from the competition.

Design Eye-Catching Packaging    

What makes consumers pick your product off the shelf rather than a competitors’? In one word: packaging. Essentially, promotional packaging allows your product to market itself. Design visually stunning marketing kits or custom-printed boxes that attract customers’ attention and communicate your product’s value. Again, keep your messaging short and to the point—most consumers won’t spend more than a few seconds reading your label, so make every word count. Include your company’s name, product name, and a brief list of main selling points for the greatest impact.

Cultivate Product Loyalty

Ultimately, the success and longevity of your new product is contingent upon customer loyalty. Your slogan, product packaging, positioning, and various other factors work together to inspire affinity for your brand and products. Before sending your product out into the world, test and retest to guarantee it delivers on your promises. Angry, unsatisfied customers quickly destroy brands, and are more likely to leave reviews than happy shoppers. Even if your product launch goes off without a hitch, maintaining consumers’ interest over an extended period of time is difficult. So don’t let your marketing efforts die after your product hits the stores.           

Get ready for your upcoming product launch with custom packaging from (VIP/ATC). Request a quote or contact a sales representative today!