How To Judge a Binder By Its Cover

December 16, 2014

People often make decisions based on first impressions. Clients are no different. You always present your best self when meeting with a customer. Now your binders can convey that same message of professionalism and knowledge. A well-designed marketing binder often makes the difference between engaging a customer and losing them to an attention-stealing competitor. Let us help you choose the appropriate binder materials to make your business stand out from the rest.


Attractive and affordable, vinyl is the most popular of all binder materials. Given the versatility of the product, a number of decorating options are available: screen printing, digital printing, foil stamping, debossing, foil stamp with deboss combo, dome tip-on, appliqué, and litho printing. To create a binder you’ll want to display like a trophy, vinyl is the way to go.


For a durable binder that’s eye-catching and professional-looking, choose poly binders. In addition to being weather-resistant, water-resistant, and grease- and dirt-resistant, poly is suitable for almost as many decoration methods as vinyl. These long-lasting, lightweight binders stand up to tough industrial environments.  

Recycled Paperboard

Eco-friendly and inexpensive, recycled paperboard binders are available in two styles—raw chipboard and covered chipboard. Raw chipboard binders allow for screen printing, digital printing, foil stamping, or debossing directly onto the raw material, whereas covered chipboard binders can be die-cut and decorated with an offset printed covering. Choose recycled binders to give your business earth-conscious appeal.


Casemade binders exude sophistication. They are ideal for a traditional boardroom or an elegant boutique. Casemade binders, also known as turned edge binders, combine the sturdy cover of a hardback book with the elegant and seamless look of cloth, leather, or paper. Available with screen printing, digital printing, foil stamping, debossing, offset printing, plus film laminating techniques, these binders feature extremely durable roundback or semi-euro hinge spines. Also offered with the traditional routed or euro-hinged flat spine, casemade binders are excellent for presentations as well as for holding catalogs or multiple magazine copies.


Want to establish the feeling of luxury? Stitched binders are made with stitched leather to create an impressive-looking ring binder, easel binder, or zippered binder. Add personalized detail to your binder with debossing, dome tip-on, or foil stamping.

Paper Presentations

Create a stunning presentation your audience will remember with paper presentation binders. Available in a variety of weights, paperboard allows you to design a binder that suits your needs. Select a gloss or matte finish and pair it with one of the many decorative options offered. With paper presentation binders, you’re sure to be a hit at your next meeting, trade show, or seminar.

Combined Materials

Want to create a unique look using a variety of materials? Have the best of all worlds with our multi-material binders. You can overlay screen-printed vinyl on translucent corrugated board or combine poly with our custom metal for a sleek, industrial binder. Browse through our custom gallery, the possibilities are infinite, and can make them happen. offers an array of binder material options for your choosing. Contact us today to create your own custom binder!