Go Green With Eco-Friendly Binders

April 1, 2015

Environmental conservation is very much at the forefront of public consciousness today. Your customers are well aware of its importance and take conservation seriously. Here at Binders.com (VIP/ATC), we are serious about protecting our environment, too. 

For more than a decade, we have made it a priority to use, reuse, and recycle every scrap of material we can. We recycle more than 240 tons of vinyl and polypropylene.  We also recycle more than 270 tons of binder board and corrugated boxes annually. 

More and more of our customers are asking questions like, "Do you have products made with recycled materials?" or “Do you sell eco-friendly binders?” Clients are becoming cognizant of today’s effect on tomorrow.  

That’s why we offer raw 100% recycled chipboard binders and recycled paperboard index tabs. Environmentally friendly and inexpensive, Binder.com’s chipboard binders are available in two styles. The first is a raw chipboard binder which can be decorated by screen printing, foil stamping, or debossing. The other, a covered chipboard binder, features offset printing. As well as other forms of decorating.

These biodegradable binder covers and tabs have an earthy look and feel. And you get a truly unique product because each batch of binders can vary in color and texture due to the nature of recycled chipboard. By marketing your business with eco-friendly packaging, you let your customers know you care about their wellbeing—and the wellbeing of our shared planet.

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