Distinctive and Durable, Casemade Film Laminated Binders

September 22, 2016

Whatever your business, you want to create the right impression. If you’re a law firm, you need clients to perceive your thoroughness. A manufacturer wants to convey a sense of methodical organization; however, an apparel company wishes to tout its creativity. Never underestimate the importance of the details when creating your business image. A carefully maintained brand image can be diminished by something as simple as a presentation binder. Fortunately, it’s easy and affordable to provide materials that enhance your company’s reputation.

The case for Casemade.

There are essentially three types of binders. The simpliest are poly binders which feature a cover made of a single layer of hard plastic that is cut to size. Vinyl binders use a vinyl material that is heat-sealed over a board to form the cover. The third kind of binder is a casemade binder which is constructed more like a book and has a coth, paper, or leather cover that wraps around the edges of the board. Because of their construction, casemade binders tend to be a great choice when visual appearance is important. For that reason,casemade binders are the perfect presentation binders for client meetings. If your work depends on accessing trade publications or other printed resources such as legal journals or educational materials, casemade binders can help convey professionalism to visiting clients, customers, or the public.  

Casemade is creative.

As a business, you’ve got to separate yourself from the competition. Custom binders allow you to do that. Because of the variety of materials that can be used as a cover, casemade binders provide for a wide range of print, emboss, and foil techniques. In addition, the option of lamination adds to the versatility of casemade binders. Primarily used to add protection from scratching, scuffing, and moisture, laminated binders have always been popular for their durability, especially in project management applications. But film lamination can also add a unique touch to creative presentations. Not just for design firms or interior design studios, laminated casemade binders complement any creative endeavor. From the apparel and textile industries to innovative tech firms and manufacturers, laminated casemade binders can help separate you from the competition. The lamination is done with a clear film that can add a visual effect depending on the type of film used. There are four types of film to choose from, each with its own eye-catching, distinctive feel.

Gloss lamination

A high gloss that adds brightness to colors for a stunning finish. A great choice for photographs of bold graphics.

Matte lamination

The non-reflective quality of a matte film enhances the readability of copy while some matte films can show use from handling, consider a process that helps hide fingerprints and scuffs such as the type used by binders.com.

Spot matte lamination

This method combines matte and gloss finishs for the ultimate in contrast. Use a spot of contrasting finish to highlight a specific element on your cover for maximum visual impact. 

Matte linen lamination

The laminiation you can actually feel. This textured linen surface provides a semi-matte finish with a tactile quality that adds to the feel and impact of your binders. 

Film lamination has always been a popular choice for increasing binder durability. But when combined with a casemade binder, film lamination adds other benefits as well, particularly for marketing materials or business development. Casemade film laminated binders portray your business or organization in a professional manner, augment your brand, and serve as a creative tool to reflect your innovative focus. Much more than a document management tool, casemade binders with film lamination are also an asset for business success.