Binder Basics: Why Ring Size Matters

May 4, 2015

At, we offer lots of choices when it comes to ring metals. You can select ring shapes, add boosters, custom paint metals and matching rivets, and choose where you want the rings mounted on the binder. With numerous options available, how do you decide which binder rings work best for you? Our comprehensive guide answers all your binder ring questions to make customization quick and easy.   

Ring Shapes (round, angle D, or straight D): The D ring (looks like a backward D) keeps your documents flat. Angle Ds also hold about 10 percent more pages per ring size. And if you have tabs, the angle D tilts slightly to better display tabs.

Boosters: These helpful triggers open and close rings to save your fingers. The new EZ Comfort Grip metal (angle D) with a cushioned booster opens extra easy to make stocking your binder with paper a fear-free experience.

Colors: Choose standard silver (nickel) or dare to be different with a variety of other colors or a custom painted design. Select gold binder rings to make a sophisticated statement for your business—a simple touch for a stand-out presentation.     

Rivets: Rings are usually attached to the binder with nickel rivets, but you can select color rivets to match the shade of your binder. If you want to make rivets disappear, choose to conceal them under the binder cover.   

Ring Locations: D rings are always attached to the back cover of the binder. While round rings are usually mounted on the spine, you can also choose to locate these on the back cover.

Sizes: Binder size is determined by the weight of the paper and the number of pages and index tabs you plan to insert into the binder. Most people mistakenly “size” a binder by measuring the width of the binder spine. Measure the inside of the rings, not including the actual metal, for correct sizing.

We also have a free slide chart, Ring Metal and Capacity Guide, available while supplies last.  Send your shipping information to Request for Slide Chart. offers a wide selection of binder ring options to suit any style and purpose.

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