Binder Basics: Clear Overlay and Pictorial Binders

April 16, 2015

One of the most popular binder styles available, clear overlay binders (also called presentation or clear-view binders), enable you to customize binders again and again by inserting and removing cover sheets. Pictorial binders provide that same personalization in a permanent format. Both options allow you to add dimension and protection to binder projects. Which is best for you and your business?

Standard Clear Overlays
These versatile binders offer a classic look that is cost effective. Paper cover sheets can be inserted beneath a clear vinyl cover on the front, back, and spine to create your own custom binders. When the project is complete, simply insert new cover sheets. stocks standard clear overlay binders, ready to ship, in a variety of colors, sizes, and ring types—send us your sheets and we’ll insert your covers for you. Or we can go one step further by printing and inserting the sheets for you, and delivering a ready to use customized clear-view binder.
Pictorial Binders
These handsome pieces are more permanent than clear overlays and less expensive than printed binders. We can completely seal printed cover sheets inside clear vinyl, giving you a professionally finished custom binder. Your graphic can span the front, back, and spine.

Custom Clear Overlays
One innovative way to customize a clear overlay binder is to screen print logos or graphics on the overlay vinyl’s front, back, spine, or all three. You can also display printed sheets with titles, dates, etc. within the clear portions of the vinyl. That flexibility makes custom clear-view binders the favorite among many businesses. Add your company logo and colors to the front of every binder, then simply change the inserted information sheet to adapt for any purpose. is the professional choice for binders and packaging. Request a quote today.