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Go Green With Eco-Friendly Binders

April 1, 2015

Environmental conservation is very much at the forefront of public consciousness today. Your customers are well aware of its importance and take conservation seriously. Here at (VIP/ATC), we are serious about protecting our environment, too.

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4 Top Methods for Digital Printing

March 16, 2015

Digital printing is a good alternative to offset printing—it’s cheaper, faster, and close in quality. There are several effective ways to produce this affordable, short-run color. Discover which digital printing method will work best for you and your binder project.

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Best Design Treatments For Binders

March 2, 2015

To set your binders and packaging materials apart from your competitors, consider the dramatic look of a foil stamp, appliqué, dome sticker, deboss or emboss. Each of these design options highlights artwork, text, or images with a dimensional application your customers can both see and feel. 

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