4 Top Methods for Digital Printing

March 16, 2015

Digital printing is a good alternative to offset printing—it’s cheaper, faster, and close in quality. There are several effective ways to produce this affordable, short-run color. Discover which digital printing method will work best for you and your binder project.

  1. Direct Printing 
    Our state-of-the-art digital printing equipment can print directly on any color vinyl, poly, or casemade material using the latest digital UV inkjet technology. Consider printing on the reverse side of clear vinyl and heat sealing it onto a white vinyl binder. You’ll get a custom binder with a high-gloss look and optimum durability.
  2. Pictorial Entrapment 
    Cover the front, spine and back cover of your entire binder in photos or other custom graphics using digitally printed sheets. Finished with clear vinyl, pictorial entrapment offers a neat, polished look.
  3. Full Digital Printing with Film Lamination 
    Another method is to cover your entire binder with digital 4-color process printing finished with gloss or matte film lamination. Film lamination results in a durable, high-quality casemade binder.
  4. Digital 4-Color Process Binders
    Using state-of-the-art digital printing equipment, Binders.com makes a custom vinyl binder with a high-gloss design that won't wear off. We can print on the reverse side of clear vinyl and then heat seal onto a white vinyl binder, for added layer of protection, or print directly onto white or colored vinyl using digital UV inkjet technology.

Binder.com’s cutting-edge digital printing equipment produces superior binders.  Contact us today to create your own custom binder or presentation packaging.