4 Ideas for How to Do More with Your Ring Binders

August 22, 2016

No matter what industry you’re in, you are producing something—a valuable product or service that you likely need to present to customers or potential customers. While in the past you may have settled for a jumbled box of samples, loose sheets of paper, or a generic PowerPoint, it is important to consider ways to improve your presentations that will stand out from the competition and impress your customers.

 Beyond their customary use of storing documents, ring binders are a simple and flexible way to create custom packaging for your presentations. Not only does utilizing a ring binder allow you to organize and protect your materials—

no matter your product or service—it also gives you the opportunity to go beyond screens and engage your customers with tangible materials in person.

 To spark your imagination, we’ve put together a few ideas about how you can use ring binders in a unique way and ensure that your marketing materials will be clean, organized and effective.

 Create a Swatch Book

 Swatch books are the perfect way to display building and decor product samples. By utilizing a swatch book, you’ll be able to curate the resources you offer, controlling the order in which your customers and potential customers see, touch, and evaluate your materials. Our hardcover customer multi-material binders come in a wide variety of shapes, materials, and sizes to accommodate your materials, whether it be granite, tile, carpet, paint, wood, or fabric samples. Once you’ve chosen the right binder for your business, customize it with options like a handle, a secure closure, and padding for extra protection.

 Organize Your Marketing Materials

 Whether you’re pursuing a new client or pitching additional services to an existing client, business development often involves a variety of custom marketing materials. Unfortunately, when delivered piecemeal those materials can often get overlooked. Rather than run the risk of having your stand-alone collateral get recycled or forgotten, use a binder to create a comprehensive marketing portfolio. Shop our custom vinyl binders to find an economical option that you can customize and feel confident leaving with prospects. In addition to a variety of sizes and decorative options, you can also choose from other options like a business card holder, inside pockets, and a clip pad to ensure each of your custom marketing materials will be secure and easy to find.  

 Provide a Hassle-Free Recommendations

 When your customers or clients come by the office, they’ll probably be wondering where to eat and what to go see in their free time, especially if they’ve come from out of town. Instead of Googling options adhoc, create a custom binder that includes an assortment of local menus and information about must-see attractions nearby. Our casemade turned edge binders offer high-quality, professional cases that will blend in with the aesthetic of your office and can be customized to reflect your brand.  Once you’ve chosen a binder, add tabs and pockets to ensure the resources you’ve chosen can be organized in a clear way that makes it easy for your clients to find what their looking for.

 Be Prepared for Your Presentation

 In our digital age it is rare that audiences get to interact with the things that are presented to them. Rather than a common 2D PowerPoint, use tangible, hard copies to really engage with your audience during your next presentation. And once you’ve printed your slides or trimmed your deliverables to size, don’t just take loose pieces into the presentation with you, especially if you intend to use them again. Instead, to protect your materials and control how your audience will flip through them, organize your presentation materials in one of our easel binders. These custom binders can be folded to stand up on their own and are laid out horizontally, creating an easy and unique experience for participants as they follow along with your presentation.

No matter what industry you’re in or products you offer, Binders.com offers a range of product and services to help you present your brand and services in a memorable and interactive way. Shop from our wide variety of binders to find the perfect shape, size, layout, and material for your need, and then take advantage of our vast customization capabilities to ensure that whichever product you choose will perfectly suit your needs.